Irideus Tungsten Infused Sink tip fly Fishing Line attachment
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           IRIDEUS Sinking Fly Fishing Line Attachments



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     Irideus fast sink tip attachment can add a new dimension to your fly fishing. It can also spare you from a stream side dry to wet spool change. The poly line has been infused with tungsten technology, weighting it to provide a sink rate of 1 ips.  You will find a niche for this tungsten infused gem on 4-10 weight fly rods,switch rods and modern spey rods. Irideus brings you a great way to modify your dry fly line with this tungsten attachment. Many of the west coast rivers exclusively fish floating lines to weighted tips. It’s a great way to keep in contact with your fly as well as the direction of your main line. People new to the sport will find a floating line sink tip approach is an effective and enjoyable way to fly fish. You will find by shortening your leader you can get your fly in the zone faster.

               Tungsten Sink Tip - Fast Sinking!
                                                             Steelhead, Salmon and Trout

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Irideus Tungsten Infused Sink tip fly Fishing Line attachment

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