Irideus Tribute Tube Fly Box
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~~~Tribute Tube Fly Box~~~

THE FLIES IN THE TUBE FLY BOX PICTURES ARE TO SHOW LOADING OPTIONS~THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED~This is a great steelhead fly box and will hold many steelhead fly patterns in a neat organized place. All steelheaders should own one of these.

The fly fishing box with no rules. If it fits in the Irideus flex foam it holds. This is a great box for tube fly fisherman. It also meets the needs of all standard fly fishing fly casters and saltwater fly fishing fly needs. The Tribute Tube fly box was designed to fit tube fly fishing flies but serves more fly patterns. Streamer fly fishing flies with bead heads, coneheads and large whip finish fly heads hold tight in the Irideus flex foam. Flies form a clean easy to use layout in this fly box. It also has 88 modern cut foam foam slots for nymphs, rigging hooks for your tube fly hooks. Extra junction tubing for your tube flies can also be stored in the flex foam holes or under the Irideus flex foam bars. It is nice to see standard fly fishers using the box like us. This fly fishing box is a piece of history and also a fly fishing fly and tube fly delight!

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The Tribute tube fly box is dedicated to the fishermen who have mentored fly fishing as a sport and also our company’s personal journey.  Some of these people come from distant lands and some are a good stone’s throw away, yet turning and releasing is their style.  For all of you who have taken the time to show us new tricks and keep the flame lit, this box is for you.

The Tribute tube fly box will hold 44 tube flies of varied size and head shape securely.  We have added two rows of foam to provide a hold on loose hooks or a few random spey flies for the day.  The foam rows provide 22 hook or fly spaces per row, 88 total for the box.  This will let you be creative while loading your own box.  The Irideus tube fly holes are off set in order to provide tube fly hackles room, as well as give you a good visual on your offerings.  A unique option of this box is the pliable foam.  We went with a partially recycled, slightly pliable foam to provide a secure grip on flies of different sizes.  We had to consider some of the wild flies used on the East Coast Run Steelhead and our Alaskan efforts.  Although some of the beautiful flies gave us a challenge, the cone heads and waking head tubes now have a home.  It also goes the other way by not expanding, the foam will hold mini and standard Atlantic Salmon fair.  The outer shell is tough and provides waterproof protection from the elements, which will please the saltwater fishermen.


Articulated Cone Head Control

This has opened a new chapter for our articulated leeches that have always flopped aimlessly or tangled with each other in compartments.  The foam and hook holds will provide a straight hold on some of the more interesting flies on the beat, like your cone head or articulated patterns.  It is also saltwater friendly for the flats and mangroves.  Whether, you’re a diehard steelhead fisherman or an Atlantic Salmon gentleman this box will begin your life’s next tube fly journey.  Thanks again to the people who have given so much spirit and passion to our sport through this expression of tube flies.


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Irideus Tribute Tube Fly Box

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