Irideus Steelhead Edition Spey Casting Fly Fishing Reel
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                  The Large Arbor Steelhead Switch & Spey Fly Fishing Reel

This Reel Fits All Two Handed Trout Switch and Spey Rods

This steelhead & salmon fly fishing reel will balance standard fly fishing rods also 7 wt- 10 wt.

   This fly fishing reel was made to meet the heavy demands of anadromodus fish. High grade everything can be expected from us on this sealed drag reel. Tide waters for steelhead in the morning and headwater pools in the afternoon! The Large Arbor Steelhead Spey Reel will evolve a wide aray of switch , spey and standard rods. The product now offered to the public is spooled up as we speak in many of the trucks in the parking lot. A reel we are proud to offer. If your in the market for a steelhead or salmon fly fishing reel this is a top industry choice for any rod in this grain window or fly rod wt.

This steelhead and salmon fly fishing reel is a perfect match for our switch & spey rod series . A top choice for people getting into the two handed fly rod game. This reel has all the bells and whistles a fisher could want! Saltwater fly fishers will also want to put this fly fishing reel high on your list. The drag is sealed and can be used in tide and saltwater fly fishing situations.




104 mm Outside diameter

72 mm  Inside diameter

34 mm Spool Width 

Weight 155 grams

Size~~Reel fits 5 wt-10 wt-Spey fly fishing Rods and Switch Fly fishing Rods , 7 wt- 10 wt standard fly rods

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Irideus Steelhead Edition Spey Casting Fly Fishing Reel

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