Irideus Reflection Fly Box
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The Reflection fly box has kept our river, stream, and creek fishing well organized. It has also served well on minimalist expedition trips. The Reflection fly box incorporates recycled materials in its manufacturing process. The modern cut foam will hold a large capacity of trout flies securely. The Reflection also accommodates a small amount of steelhead flies or Alaska fly fishing selections. This is a must have for all fly fisherman.

The Irideus Reflection fly box is a review winning design. Enjoy this design that has been around long enough everyone should own a few. This fly box deal is a leader in fly fishing streamside organization. As your fly fishing evolves, stay organized. Keep flies for specific fly fishing waters together. Separtate your fly fishing flies by time of year also. You will find being organized on fly water will keep your fly fishing fly selections more specific to what has worked in the past. Best of luck with your fly fishing journey. Irideus is here to make your streamside efforts a more effective enjoyable organized place.

Length-5.5" Width-3.5" Depth-1"

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Irideus Reflection Fly Box

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