Irideus Lassen Feather Lite Backpacking Fly Fishing Box
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Irideus Lassen Feather Light Backpacking & Minimalist Fly Fishing Box ~~~~~~WEIGHT 1 ONCE Go Lite!


The beautiful back country is very close to our companies front door and hearts. The Lassen Feather Light fly box was designed for our personal needs as friends go lite on the backpacking fly fishing journey. The places untouched by man are there to be found. This ultra light backpacking fly box and fly fishing leader holder will cover your basis on your back country trips. The Irideus Lassen Feather Light Fly Box is simple in design and is assembled in Caifornia by Timothy Horner. The Foam is 100 % recycled material that is hand cut and placed in position. This new Irideus 2013 fly fishing box is ready for your summer fly fishing adventures. The box is also designed to hold fly fishing line leaders. It will hold many leaders in a clean easy to use storage area. All and all this is a fine option for many of us in the fly fishing community and industry and we all hope you enjoy it!

Have a great summer!

Irideus Fly Fishing Boxes..........where the journey begins!

This auction is for 1 fly box the leaders and #10 fly fishing fly are to show the scale of this fly box.

Height 3 Inches Width 2 3/4 Inches Depth 1 inch

This box will hold an amazing amount of tiny flies and also makes a great place to hold tiny dry flies chiromomid lake flies of midge fly patterns.


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Irideus Lassen Feather Lite Backpacking Fly Fishing Box

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