Irideus Large Shooting Head Fly Fishing Line & Leader Wallet
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                                  Irideus  Steelhead flies & fly fishing products for your journey!

               The Tridacna Spey~Large 7 compartment line wallet

The Tridacna Spey is the big brother to The Clam line wallet. It brings a great organizational system to the water.  For spey casting fisherman the Tridacna is a dream come true. It will hold shooting heads,tips, leaders, flies and even an extra loaded spool if needed. We have also enjoyed this great option on indicator fishing days. It will hold wet multi fly nymph rigs snug,leaders, sink tips, spools and even a cliff bar if needed! All fly fisherman should own The Tridacna Spey and the smaller clam to aid in your fly fishing journey.

Good luck on the water...stay organized with Irideus! Where the journey begins!

Info for the  smaller clam sold here on ebay!

This is a great way to pack shooting heads~Floating or sink tips,multi fly rig set ups or standard leaders in various weights. Dry the days flies in here before reloading your box! It will keep you organized in the ever changing world of the fish we love.

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Irideus Large Shooting Head Fly Fishing Line & Leader Wallet

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