Irideus Fish Eye Brass Conehead Beads
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          Irideus Tube Fly tying materials for trout, steelhead, salmon, greyling, striped bass, saltwater gamefish

20 5 mm Brass Conehead Bead Heavy weight pack wt 1/2  oz Eyes Included
Silver Star
These are a great way to modify your tube flies and standard flies on the river. If you take a trip to Alaska you will find the weather ad water levels will change often. keep some heavy fly tying beads in your gear bag to help add weight to your favorite fly fishing flies and tube flies. These will also make great heads for steelhead, salmon and trophy trout fly patterns.
wide with a custom bowl on one side and a perfect hole to match you standard fly patterns. These fly tying conehead beads will also make great tube fly heads for most of the tube fly bodies on the market today. 
Total weight on these 5 mm heavy weight conehead beads is 1/2 oz

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Irideus Fish Eye Brass Conehead Beads

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