Irideus Feather River Compartment Fly Box
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The Feather River Compartment Fly Box

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The Feather fly box is a compartment style box. It is broken up into an organized solution to a day on the water. The Feather has high quality stainless steel hinges, an impact resistant plastic outer shell, and also includes a neck lanyard. It offers a light-weight version of our forefathers multi-box chest pack. We know that this is a product you will enjoy!


Length-4.5" Width-3.5" Depth-1.5"


This is one great way to keep the bench clean. The boxes will hold enough hooks, coneheads and beads to keep any commercial or personal fly creator organized on the bench. You can modify two of the rows in the boxes letting you  divide hooks by size. Yet you can remove the rows and make room for a few articulated flesh flies to tempt the morning rainbows.

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Irideus Feather River Compartment Fly Box

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