Irideus #8 Custom Soft Hackle Olive Damsculp wooly Bugger Streamer fly fishing flies 6 flies for steelhead and big trout
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 Irideus #8 Custom Soft Hackle Olive Damsculp wooly Bugger Streamer flies 6 flies

Taking our flies to the next level in quality and unique pattern variant is a standard practice here at irideus. Top class materials and hardware are incorporated into all of the flies now offered to the public, some for the first time.

You may save a buck on a random fly somewhere else, but when you see the quality flies you bought…well? Come to us for the same quality flies that line the owners and staffs boxes.

These patterns stem from a true passion for steelhead, trout and salmon fishing. But smart fisherman will see the potential for smallmouth, pike and inshore species within some of our standard fares.

Once you see the quality you will come back to build a collection based on your own passions.

Good luck fishing, please make an effort to pick up spools of line and trash from your local water as you leave each session. You can make a difference. Take kids and any returning vets out on the water...we are in this together.


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Irideus Damsculp Custom Olive Wooly Bugger Streamer flies

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