Irideus Crooked Creek Aluminum Fly Fishing Box
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Irideus steelhead fly fishing boxes...............where the fly fishing journey begins!



Crooked Creek Aluminum Steelhead Fly Fishing Fly Box


Steelhead flies are a welcome!


The Crooked Creek aluminum fly fishing box is the classic old meets new. With the clean lines of a ‘57 Chevy and modern cut foam to keep your fly fishing flies organized. This high quality Irideus aluminum fly box gives you the option of carrying a large capacity of trout flies, but also accommodates steel head flies and Alaska fly fishing selections. We hope you will be proud to add this wonderful fly box to your collection. You can compare this aluminum fly box to the best in the world for quality, construction and design.


Length-6" Width-3.5" Depth-1" Irideus.....Products for your fly fishing journey!~~~~~~~~~~

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Irideus Crooked Creek Aluminum Fly Fishing Box

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