Irideus Anadromodus ST Shooting Head Running Fly Lines
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   ~~~~~~~~~~~~Irideus~~Anadromodus ST~~~~~~~~

             ~~~~~~~100ft Running Fly fishing Line~~~~~~~

                                     HIGH FLOATING FLY LINE

     Great for our shooting head and sink tip fly fishing line systems!


~~~~~Standard fly rod~~Switch Rod~~Spey Rod~~~~~

Your choice..let us know the one you desire. This auction is for one line!

                                   ~~ LINE SIZE TO ROD TYPE~~


                        LINE 1 ~~~7wt standard fly rod~7wt Switch~5 wt,6 wt,7 wt Spey

                        LINE 2 ~~~8wt standard fly rod~7 wt, 8 wt Switch~8wt,9 wt  Spey

                        LINE 3 ~~~9wt standard fly rod 9 wt Switch~9 wt,10 wt, 12 wt Spey

All lines were developed with Tungsten technology to advance in windy conditions often found fishing steelhead salmon and tout or other game fish. These fly fishing lines began as a way to accomidate our longer rods now turned switch rods on the market. Andromodus ST lines offer a better option to the fly fisherman looking for well rounded gear that can be used on differant rods. These fly lines are a great way to go for any type of fishing only making hitting your target an easy job! An important fact....hitting your target and being withen range can spell trophy or a success with Andromodus St shooting heads and fly lines...check them out!

Please let us know the size you need!

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Irideus Anadromodus ST Shooting Head Running Fly Lines

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