Irideus Alevin Compartment Fly Box
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2 Alevin Fly Fishing Box~Great for Flies or Fly Tying Materials on the bench! These are fly fishing boxes also well suited for trout beads or craft use. The picture shows both sides of the box. The auction is for 2 boxes.

The Alevin fly box has kept our river, stream, and creek fishing well organized. It has also served well on minimalist expedition trips. If you find yourself fly fishing in a pair of shorts, this fly box will fit your style and pocket. The small compartment style Irideus fly fishing box that helps you stay organized. It stores a days worth of fly fishing flies in a small organized space that will take up little room in your fly fishing vest or gear bag. The Alevin fly box is a great option for Alaska trout bead fisherman. It will hold fishing beads, egg pegs, swivels and split shot great. All fly fishers will love this little California golden nugget!
length 3 1/2 Inches Width 2 1/2 Inches Height 1 Inch

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Irideus Alevin Compartment Fly Box

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